What does “SAFETY OF SAPPERS” consist of?

The purpose of the project of the organization “COME BACK ALIVE” is the purchase of one hundred suits “Yarovit 240/60”, and give them to the Ukrainian sappers, who thanks to this wil have a professional solution for a daily job that is extremely difficult and with a large component of dangerousness.

  1. Why is it so important?

Since the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, the Russian army has been filling the Ukrainian fields with explosive mines, thereby eradicating the production of products necessary for all os us such as corn, wheat and sunflower oil, among others.

Between two thousand and five thousand explosive devices are collected daily, but it is necessary to inspect a territory of 270,000 square kilometers, a task that will last between five and ten years. For this, the military needs the suits of the Ukrainian company Velmet, which has designed a high-quality product for this risky task, allowing more than one life to be saved.

  1. How much does the suit cost?

Each of the high-class suits costs approximately 8,000 euros.

  1. Why is the suit bought in Ukraine?

There are three very clear reasons for this.

– The price of suits, since their price in Europe triples the cost of their production in Ukraine.

– Its elaboration time, since having a fixed budget and having the materials, these can be done immediately and there is no need to wait as long as if they were done elsewhere, which ensures their availability.

– Also following the same line as before, since it was done in a place other than Ukraine, it is understood that it will take longer to arrive… time that Ukraine does not have.

  1. How will the collection of funds be carried out?

All economic contributions, regardless of the amount, can be made through the link https://cutt.ly/wGAE04a to the “COME BACK ALIVE” Foundation.

  1. Can anyone join the cause?

Any person, company or organization can contribute their grain of sand, regardless of the amount. Every contribution matters.

  1. Can companies also make contributions?

To all legal companies that want to contribute, the organization ” COME BACK ALIVE ” can present a donation invoice that can be presented at the Treasury.

  1. How to make the donation?

Go to the website of the foundation “COME BACK ALIVE” and make the payment that best suits you. In the subject you have to put “Yarovit 240/60”. In case the invoice is needed, please send the proof of the transfer to sms@transkarpatia2001.com

If any questions arise, please contact Sergio Susko by phone 638169717.


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